Manufacturing pharmaceuticals is a complex process, and since the team at TradeTicity has a lot of complementary experience, including working in pharmaceutical manufacture, we understand how difficult it is to make serialization fit in with your current processes.

Every region has either launched or plans to launch some kind of serialization, and most of the legislation differ on approach and requirements. The most frequent comments we see from Production Specialists about serialization are:

  • This is very complex. How we manage that here?
  • My QA department don’t like to change anything at all, how can I implement this?
  • I don’t have enough IT knowledge to connect everything
  • If I have too many manual checks, my costs will increase too much.
  • I have equipment from lots of vendors, how can I integrate all that with MORE software?
  • What about the contract manufacturing we have?

When you work with TradeTicity, we work through all of the questions above with the Production Specialists, the IT team and your QA department. We have own experts in these specialties in-house, so we can easily create and communicate your bespoke plan which is your fast-track to serialization deployment.

We can integrate everything from the National and Regional hubs, your ERP, your production and packaging lines, aggregation stations and even your contract manufacturing partners, and provide the advice and support to create a fully compliant serialized production facility, large or small. We can even help you to remove inefficient or labor-intensive processes at the same time.

If you need help or advice on serialization for any market, just contact us!