For EU, for Russia, and anywhere else that you want to sell drugs to. From L5 to L1, for the entire supply chain from manufacturer to dispensaries, providing compliance-ready tools for any market. At Tradeticity our main goal is to simplify your serialization processes. Connectivity and inter-operability at every level of serialization, from L5 to L1 is of crucial importance to your business — on your premises or in the cloud. CureSync was one of the first software to connect directly to the EMVO, and is ready to be deployed for the Russian National Serialization program.

With CureSync, you’re in control.

CureSync Simplifies

By aligning your processes with your organization structure, CureSync can easily inform and guide the necessary privileges for serialization. Customizable interfaces and compatibility with all operating systems all simplify the serialization of your processes.

CureSync is Configurable

This includes: random number generation, creation of templates, the definition of your partners organizations, choosing specific devices, printable labels, EPCIS Vocabularies, Enumerations, etc… Of course, we will tailor this to your needs.

CureSync Communicates

The CureSync solution enables you to set alarms, events, notifications, 150 endpoints, service and message monitoring, as well as simplifying your L5-L1 integration.

CureSync is Compliance

CureSync gives you everything you need to be in compliance with GAMP5 validation: Approval paths, Audit Trail, User roles and actions, Digital Signature, etc. Our specialist services ensure that your serialization project remains on time and on budget.

With one software we cover all levels of serialization!

Curesync connects you with the central repository for all data transfers. Whether you need European Union Hub, Russia Hub, or anything else. Compliant and flexible, CureSync enables you in any market.

Curesync connects you with your partners for data exchange and to report packaging results, as well as with your wholesalers who require SSCC. Of course, CureSync links with your own ERP system in order to ensure seamless integration.

Curesync manages and coordinates work orders, the serialization of products, product master data, etc., giving you a smooth connection between levels 2 and 4.

Curesync integrates with all L2 software from hardware manufacturers, including Masterprint, Inel, OCS…

Curesync manages aggregation and rework stations, at line or at a warehouse. This includes working with label and bar code printers, bar code readers, etc. This supports the aggregation of packages and reworking packaging orders.

Why choose CureSync?

Our interface has a Multilanguage web interface, and it can be used from many web browsers, including mobile devices.

A simple and modern interface allows our clients to focus on important elements.

Our system enables multiple interfaces from a single system without additional complex integration platforms.


We deliver our solution in two ways:

Private Cloud

Our private cloud is validated and we offer full maintenance services including configuration, monitoring and support.

On premise

You can have your own server with CureSync on it. With our Enterprise Java based platform, you can use any operating system or database format. You can also choose whether you prefer a virtual or a physical machine.