Serialization relies on a lot of separate systems being made to communicate efficiently and in a controlled way, and  Whether it is linking your serialization project to the ERP, National or Regional Hubs, or with the production equipment, how can you be sure that it all works now – and in the future?

We commonly hear concerns from IT specialists working in serialization that:

  • Who will manage the integration with existing systems (ERP, external, production equipment)?
  • How can we securely connect with with other sites/departments/contractors?
  • What about security? Back-up?
  • I will need multiple systems to manage the process!
  • How can we monitor everything?
  • Which operating system/database should I use?

At TradeTicity, we have already configured hundreds of connections on live customer sites, and handled billions of serialized codes. Our consultative processes with IT specialists, Quality and Production specialists ensures that the project is handled efficiently and professionally.

Our CureSync software handles Serialization from National or Regional Hubs and ERP to the printer level (L5 to L1), and as it is built on the Java Platform Enterprise Edition, you don’t need to change your operating system – Windows or Linux are fine!

The connections to the manufacturing hardware is a matter of configuration, and is very quick, and as CureSync has adopted all the industry standards, equipment from new hardware vendors can be added easily too.

The software can be hosted according to your internal policies – Cloud, local server or a combination for back-up, a single database keeps things simple to manage.

The back-up and security features are simpler too, as there is only one software for the whole process. Password policies, authorization structures, approval processes are fully managed with digital signatures and can use the corporate authentication system. Server logs, activity logs and audit trails are also contiguous, as there is only one software from L5 to L1.

If you are interested to see how we can help with your serialization project, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.