Tradeticity embarks on a new journey as part of Antares Vision

“We are proud to see that our vision, our unique mix of experience and skills in the pharmaceutical industry, our tracking software and our ongoing commitment to quality have been recognised by Antares Vision, the market leader in product protection. Today we add this success and expertise to that of Antares Vision and I am confident that this will offer significant benefit to our existing customers and those of Antares Vision. This synergy will drive the development of a wide range of serialisation and data integration innovation, and our teams have already started to cross-train onto each other’s products and platforms. We are excited about the new opportunities and potential that we offer together as we become an integral part of Antares Vision.”

Lidija Pozaić

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Serialization for every market, from every market.

Compliance with multiple sets of regulations is hard, which is why TradeTicity offers the products and services to be in control of your product serialization, from L5 down to L1. CureSync was one of the first software to connect directly to the EMVO, and is ready to be deployed for the Russian National Serialization program. Our services and software have ensured that billions of serialization codes have been handled, via hundreds of connections. If you want to sell pharmaceuticals within Europe and Russia – or anywhere else, TradeTicity stand ready to partner with you, so that Serialization is not your problem.

With one software we cover all levels of serialization!


CureSync is Cloud (or on your server)

Secure, safe, configurable. CureSync can be hosted in the cloud, or locally if you prefer. Some people prefer to host and operate from a local server, comfortable in the security that a Cloud back up brings.

CureSync is Compliance - for any regulation

Whilst no software can guarantee compliance by itself, TradeTicity provide the services and expert consultancy to ensure that any serialization project for any market can be a success. CureSync software is built with GAMP 5, full Data Integrity and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance from the start, not as an afterthought. Compliance for any region you want to operate in.

CureSync is Connected - to all your customers

Whether you are the Market Authorization Holder, a Contract manufacturer or a pharmaceutical distributor, you’ll need to be all connected to each other to allow your operations within a region where there is serialization legislation. CureSync considers everyone in this supply chain

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