Wholesalers sit in the middle of the pharmaceutical supply chain, and therefore for serialization have to connect with suppliers, as well your customers. Maybe you have to manage aggregation and re-aggregation, or you receive and distribute pharmaceuticals to and from different regions with different legislation.

CureSync was conceived to be able to connect all of the parties in the drug supply chain, to be able to deal with multiple jurisdictions from multiple sites. Whether DSCSA, FMD, ANVISA… CureSync keeps you compliant, saving you time to grow your business.


CureSync is Secure

At TradeTicity, we know that your contracts depend on your ability to protect against unauthorized actions. That’s why we built in the highest possible security standards to protect you and your processes.

CureSync can Catalogue

As you respond to your clients’ requests for new products, your serialization infrastructure should be enable you to respond. CureSync makes adding new products simple, saving setup time and costs.

CureSync can Communicate

Being your client’s trusted partner relies on good communication. Good communication of serialization codes is paramount to avoid errors. CureSync can communicate billions of codes from your suppliers and onward to your customers.

CureSync captures metadata

Who knows how the regulations will change? EPCIS embedded in CureSync allows data-logging, GPS tracking (with appropriate hardware), etc, which means when the regulations change, you can adapt. If you want to add additional markets, you can incorporate their regulations. Stay current. Stay Competitive.