Parallel distributors are faced with the most challenging sets of requirements regarding serialization legislation. The ability to comply with these is a critical factor in the business success of pharmaceutical marketing authorization holders (MAH), wholesale distributers, and pharmacy dispensaries.
Not only does CureSync cover all of the challenges that parallel distributors face, but also Tradeticity provides help and training to parallel traders operating under EU FMD, Russian serialization legislation (Federal Law 425 FZ), etc to master five primary processes:


  1. Serialization of the product
  2. Making sure that product satisfies all of the verification requirements, scanning and verifying the product identifier is required
  3. Decommission of the source product,generally against the national system, must be reported, together with the status update.
  4. Reporting product master data to the EU Hub.
  5. Reporting product-packaging data to the EU Hub.


To accomplish all of this, parallel importers have to be connected to L5 entities: the EU hub and national systems, as well as CMOs and line management systems.
Our goal is to guide you through serialization.