Of course, Market Authorization Holders are required to submit all data to the regulatory bodies, including details of serialization codes. It can be difficult and time-consuming to manage this with your own on-site manufacture, but with your Contracted Manufacture, it can be much more difficult, and does depend on the quality of your inter-connectivity.
CureSync, from TradeTicity manages these codes from your internal production, other sites and Contract Manufacture in a way which helps you to reduce costs, and make decisions more easily.

In general, our solution supports following hi-level functions:


CureSync is Secure

At TradeTicity, we know that you, as MAH, are potentially liable for any actions leading to the counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals. That’s why we built in the highest possible security standards to protect you and your processes.

CureSync can Catalogue

Your product range is not fixed, you will want to add and remove products from your product catalog, and CureSync makes this simple, as it integrates with your product catalog, together with the target market and pack serialization requirements.

CureSync can Communicate

Manually exporting and emailing serial number lists to your Contract Manufacturer can introduce mistakes, and put you, the MAH at the risk of a product recall. By automating the distribution of the serial numbers to your Contract Manufacturer, CureSync makes handling serialization as easy as it is in-house.

CureSync captures metadata

Who knows how the regulations will change? EPCIS embedded in CureSync allows data-logging, GPS tracking (with appropriate hardware) which means when the regulations change, you can adapt; if you want to add additional markets, you can incorporate their regulations.