Tradeticity is an international company with a unique team, covering such expertise as Pharmaceutical Production, Quality Operations and software design and architecture. We are dedicated to providing total serialization services, based on the following core principles:

  • Quality: Our software, CureSync, for example is designed with GAMP 5 and full data integrity built in from the start. We provide compliance-ready solutions for any market.
  • Scalable: From 1 manufacturing line, to 100. Across several sites, covering CMOs, wholesale distribution and even dispensing pharmacies.
  • Customizable: Whether adding new products, or new markets, CureSync can easily accommodate these changes, and be compliant for the EU and Russia, for example.

Tradeticity’s CureSync solution was ranked among the top 10 Serialization Software Solutions in the world on IDC’s 2016. report.
The biggest Analyst company in the world ranked Tradeticity among top 20 Serialization providers in the world, Gartner also included hardware vendors.
Tradeticity is a member of OPEN SCS foundation which is dedicated to create standardization in Serialization. (Members of OPEN SCS are: Tradeticity, Teva, Abbot, Pfizer, SAP, Adents, Tracelink…)
Tradeticity is a member of GS1, a non-profit organization.

Millions of businesses rely on GS1 for barcodes and product identification and use GS1 standards ( GTIN, DataMatrix, GDSN…)

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