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Tradeticity Ltd is a Croatian IT company that has 100 % focus on pharmaceutical serialization, with its CureSync solution, covers L2-L5 levels of pharmaceutical serialization. It is governed by very experienced individuals with a proven track record in global companies like TEVA and IBM.


Tradeticity Ltdes una empresa croata de TIC que está centrada al 100% en la serialización farmacéutica. Con su solución CureSync, cubre los niveles L2-L5 de serialización farmacéutica. Está dirigida por un equipo muy experimentado con un historial probado en empresas globales como TEVA e IBM.

Tradeticity se estableció con el objetivo principal de ayudar a las empresas a cumplir con los nuevos requisitos de serialización farmacéutica. Reconociendo la importancia de los estándares de calidad farmacéutica, se reunió un equipo único de expertos con un largo historial farmacéutico y de TIC. Dado que el CEO de tradeticity había trabajado gran parte de su carrera en el entorno de calidad farmacéutica, la solución CureSync fue creada para ofrecer las máximas garantías de calidad.

Currently CureSync is in its 2nd version which was written on pharmaceutical context having in mind full data integrity (including last MHRA, FDA and EMEA guidelines) as well as GAMP5 postulates. Quality of Tradeticity as a company and CureSync was recognized by IDC (more about IDC report ... ) and GARTNER (more about GARTNER report... ) that were listed both in their 2016 reports.

Tradeticity is also member of the OPC (The Industrial Interoperability Standard™), where we actively participate in Open-SCS Working Group focused on development of industrial interoperability standards for Pharmaceutical Industry.

Tradeticity Ltd is member of GS1

GS1 is a non-profit international organisation dedicated to enhancing and ensuring efficiency and visibility of the entire supply chain, globally, and across all sectors.

Comprehensive set of products, business solutions and technologies comprises the world's most widely used GS1 System standards, such as - to mention just the few most important - barcodes for the automatic identification of products, services and locations, eCom, GDSN, EPCglobal and traceability. GS1 also offers a wide range of services, such as professional education, professional training, technical support, consulting for successful implementation of GS1 System standards, certification services, verification services etc.

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Tradeticity Ltd is member of OPEN-SCS (Open Serialization Communication Standard)

Driven by Healthcare Providers, the OPEN-SCS initiative directly addresses the Healthcare Industry’s Product Serialization Regulation Wave of the next decade.

The OPEN-SCS Working Group (OPEN-SCS) is partnered with the OPC Foundation to develop an open source standard in the Packaging Serialization Global Name Registry and an associated set of subscription-based work products. The open standard and work products are focused on the standardization of data exchanges for Healthcare packaging serialization and the aggregations between a Healthcare provider’s enterprise serialization management function and their product packaging lines. This includes interfaces between Levels 2-to-3 and 3-to-4 for Level 2 plant (line and equipment) and supply chain packaging serialization activities (distribution centers (DC) and warehouses) and Level 3 functions (plant and warehouse operations management).

The scope of the 2016/17 work products focuses on data exchanges for 6 proposed use cases in two data exchange categories:

  • Mandatory Services and
  • Support Services

which are addressed in 6 common Packaging Line Serialization System Configurations.

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