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What is TradeTicity value proposition for MAH?

CureSync enables you satisfy all current and upcoming regulations with flexible, expandable worldwide leading solution at affordable price. 

Optimizes investment in HW equipment, maintenance and internal skills and resources, GAMP5 validation and long term maintenance and support. 

By choosing TradeTicity MAH will get:

  • Immediate compliance with all required regulations
  • Easy integration with CMOs and supply chain partners
  • Ability to expand between different licencing and pricing models
  • GAMP 5 Validated system
  • Advanced list of functions and features satisfying any demand you may have
  • Proven leading solution for serialization
  • Affordable pricing model
  • Reliable and knowledgeable partner
  • Proven, flexible and disaster resistant solution

Overview of the CureSync (MAH related)

Understanding Curesync

The CureSync Serialization System 2.0 is built after a careful analysis of clients’ perspectives about the real life challenges and requirements regarding the implementation of a serialization system, Track and Trace and managing serialized items.  

In order to satisfy the demands from different clients, from extremely small with simple production, via distribution and logistics channels, to extremely complex, multinational organizations operating in multiple countries with diverse regulatory requirements.  

After gathering experiences and needs, the following guiding principles are incorporated into version 2.0 of the CureSync Solution: 

  • Hardware and Software platform independence 
  • Modular design based on Open Standards and SOA principles 
  • Highest possible horizontal and vertical scalability 
  • Flexible delivery models to suit the most demanding needs 
  • Multipurpose usage within the integrated platform 
  • Ability to model business processes easily and adapt to any client needs 
  • Superior integration capability 
  • Configurability, to minimize customization at the programming level 
  • Adhering to Cloud principles, in terms of multi-instance, multitenant and SaaS concepts 
  • Reliability, in terms of uptime and resistance to unplanned interruptions, including disasters 
What are Cloud Principles?

No matter if CureSync is run in a client environment, or hosted in TradeTicity’s environment, basic cloud principles are followed: 

Overview of the modules

Depending on the usage of CureSync, some or all components may be active. For example, having a site utilizing numbers from some other repository, whether CureSync or not, will eliminate the need for the Serial manager. However, if the need arises for a site to request production from a third party, CureSync will retrieve the serial numbers from an external system, and use Serial trader to provide the serial numbers to the third party when needed. 


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