Serialization is applying a traceable serial number to a smallest selling item. A serial number must be assigned to each selling item as it moves from end to end point of supply chain. Serialization is a foundational piece of a track and trace system.

To fulfill serialization requirements, you have to be able to:

  • Uniquely identify each item on a global level
  • Use random generation of unique identification numbers
  • Be able to perform decommission of unique identifiers before providing items to customers/patients 
  • Verify/confirm items in national systems.
  • Support track and trace movements based on regulation
  • Fulfill your markets demands

Also, it is not enough for your solution to only be legislative in certain countries, if you are working on more than one market it is recommendable to have a solution that fits them all and the solution has to be easy to integrate to National repository systems.

Derived out of complexity of Pharmaceutical serialization challenge, our solution can satisfy demanding need for any industry looking for better consumer service, improved logistics or greater overall product safety. 

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