CureSync Delivery Methods

CureSync design allows Customers to combine delivery models most suitable for their needs e.g. Primary site is using Licence or Appliance model while Cloud model is used as Disaster Recovery System.

Flexible delivery models to suit the most demanding needs

TradeTicity CureSync solution comes in flexible delivery models, which are especially useful when an organization wants to minimize the costs of running a serialization system, or lacks time to implement a complete serialization project on time.

  • License
    Enables maximum flexibility and customization levels. Ideal for large organizations with SOPs not designed to support Cloud delivery.
  • Cloud
    Ideal for small and medium, cost-sensitive organizations minimizing TCO, or for any organization during transition periods (before production or regulatory deadline).
  • Hardware appliance
    Comes prebuilt in a hardware component, preconfigured to the customer requirements. Minimizes production disruption and enables easier system validation.

CureSync design allows Customers to combine delivery models most suitable for their needs e.g. Primary site is using Licence or Appliance model while Cloud model is used as Disaster Recovery System.


Licensing delivery model allows Customer to choose most suitable approach to implement serialization solution based on their requirements, User Requirement Specification. It is most convenient approach for complex organizations with specific requirements which acts simultaneously as Market Authorization Holders and/or as Contract Authorization Holders with multiple sites.

Base licenses are segmented to satisfy customer requirements and are divided as follows:

  • CureSync HQ Master License,
  • CureSync Multitenant Enablement,
  • CureSync Site Management Support,
  • CureSync Line Management Support,
  • CureSync Integration Extension for Enterprise Systems,
  • CureSync for Supply Chain,
  • CureSync Supply Chain Extenders,
  • CureSync Additional Options.

Recommended approach for implementation on Customer site is to utilize existing customer IT Infrastructure minimizing risks during implementation, configuration and specially during Validation process.


Even Cloud delivery model combined with on-site implementation suits also for large and complex organizations it is most suitable for small and medium size organizations striving to minimize the implementation and operational cost.

CureSync Solution is hosted and provided as Service in Tier 3 Data Centre, ISO 270001 Certified, equipped with multiple independent data carriers providing maximum services accessibility and availability. Our solution is deployed on separated and redundant dedicated infrastructure, designed to provide High Availability and to maximize security aspects of the environment, and it is fully aligned with GMP processes.

For CureSync Solution hosted in TradeTicity Cloud environment we are providing 24/7 support for our Clients available vie phone, mail and ticketing system and an exact report of the hour’s progress is available for clients. We have several packages adapted to all kinds of needs and budgets.


Comes prebuilt in a hardware component and preconfigured to the customer requirements. As the appliance is built from the Premium branded components and it is configured based on customer requirements it minimize production disruption during implementation phase and enables easier system validation. Appliance is delivered with full set of validation documentation as FAT, IQ/OQ/PQ and finally SAT is provided. Appliance is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant read and designed for highest security and reliability.

Key Appliance elements, characteristics are:

  • Physical components
    - Standardized hardware components from leading manufacturers are tested separately and as a functional system. All components, with exclusion of UPS are redundant to avoid disruptions during system operations.
    - Based on customer requirements Hardware security modules enables database encryption.

  • Preconfigured CureSync
    - Serialization solution is factory configured based on Customer user requirements and Detailed functional specification. This reduces time dramatically, as functional specification workshops and documentation, jointly with Validation Masterplan are prepared during the Appliance installation.
    - Once system is configured, it comes with all factory required documentation to perform system validation.

  • Security and reliability 
    - Built for increased security, CureSync Appliance is configured as completely redundant, with no single point of failure. Using redundant Hardware security modules, database is encrypted to increase security.
    - Internal Firewalls and other security mechanisms enable another layer of protection, as this system is often exposed to outer world.

  • Disaster Recovery 
    - System can be configured to mirror database between two symmetric boxes (same configuration) on DR location, or connected to TradeTicity Cloud environment for DR purposes. In case of Disaster allows immediate continuity of operation on non-disaster affected sites.



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