Success story

Typical customer experiences are:

  • Integrated, enterprise-level solution which satisfies all aspects of serialization which enables the client to immediately align itself with regulatory requirements, and also to expand the solution to its partners, CMOs, distributors and enable them to comply with regulations
  • Reduced project implementation time and complexity by utilizing cloud principles that enables easy modelling of the company and its organization.
  • Simplified integration with internal and external IT systems using the built-in integration platform that can easily connect and translate digital messages.
  • Improved compliance to GAMP5 and streamlined change control, due to built in Quality approval process which allows clients to perform system changes within hours instead of weeks or months
  • Risk reduction, and client financing for projects, via our network of International implementation partners.
  • Several delivery options and flexible pricing model that creates significant savings, in terms of time and money, for the implementation, running and maintenance of the serialization system.
  • Turn-key solution covering all aspects of serialization, from technology implementation to SOP design/redesign
  • Supply chain support via CureSync’s EPCIS option as an integrated component, or to reuse an existing EPCIS system from the client enabling easy Track and Trace and cost reduction in the warehousing and supply chain activities.


PharmaS manufactures and distributes high-quality pharmaceutical products, generic prescription medicines and a variety of OTC pharmaceutical products (OTC, dietary supplements, medical devices, etc.). The company is focused on the operations in South- East Europe and currently operates in six countries in the region

PharmaS logo
Client challenge

After initial investment PharmaS’ target is to accelerate growth and to deploy more technologically advanced production lines. Due to increased competition, especially from India, and the Global recession the company was seeking new innovative approaches, including to strategically position itself as the leading CMO and drug packager for Indian companies supplying products to whole CEE region.

Client background

New company with high skilled employees and leading technology. Operates in SEE and Swiss markets, with a plan to expand further and serve as a CSO. PharmaS runs SAP as its ERP system.

TradeTicity solution

TradeTicity provided a full, turn-key serialization solution, upgrading the production line with Print and Verify (P&V) equipment from INEL, including tamper evident technology and CureSync as the serialization platform.

Using CureSync TradeTicity enabled:

  1. Random number and serial number generation
  2. Product catalogue, alignment with GS1 GDSN
  3. EPCIS implementation using CureSync
  4. Aggregation, repackaging
  5. Work orders, starting from ERP, integrated using process server with P&V equipment
  6. System validation

Project duration: 8 months

PharmaS in brief:


Martifarm is a licence-holding company and provides registration and pharmacovigilance services to its clients.

Martifarm logo
Client challenge

MartiFarm, as MAH for several medicines was obliged to comply to new serialization regulations, and to generate and export serial numbers in an automated way to its CMOs. Also, Martifarm wanted to automatically receive production results from CMOs and in the future become integrated with any national repository, once established.

TradeTicity solution

TradeTicity provided a Cloud-based solution on a pay-per-use principle.

CureSync was configured to:

  1. Generate serial numbers

  2. Translate CureSync format to CMO as XML

  3. Contract validity management and web service integration

  4. Automated import/export of data

Project duration: 2 months

MartiFarm background:

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