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INTROL sp. since 1990, operates in the area of modernization, automation and control diverse processes. Currently, Introl is leading Polish supplier of measurement equipment and automation of industrial processes. The result of over 25 years is the trust of thousands of Polish companies from various industries, from mining and metallurgy, chemical and petrochemical industry, by energy, heating and shipbuilding, to the water and sewage industry and agro-food processing.


BELUX Group ltd. is from several years the market leader in Hungary and Central-Europe developing and marketing speech recognition systems and document management systems. Products were designed taking into consideration the user needs and meeting the requirements of modern technical standards. Among our customers there are several medical institutions and large companies as also individual users. The primary objective of our company is keeping on high level the professional customer service, satisfaction and long-term partnership.


Nueva Investigación was founded in 1987 as a Market Research company specialising in healthcare. Due to its expertise and knowledge, Nueva Investigación is a company of reference within the healthcare sector at Nacional as well as Internacional levels. Nueva Investigación also has a strong presence in other sectors such as Distribution, Media, Financing, etc.


was founded in 1992, focused on the sale maintenance, validation and maintenance of a wide range of highly sophisticated laboratory instruments and equipment such as UPLC, HPLC, mass spectrometers, UV and AA spectrophotometers. Our continuous leadership in this area helps us to create powerful solutions to increase productivity in many laboratories and industries. The products and solutions we offer successfully used by many companies and institutes involved in studies in the areas of environment, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemicals and many others. World's brand that we represent and technology at the disposal of our customers allow access modern scientific research.


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