Lidija Pozaić Frketić, CEO Tradeticity

Lidija Pozaić Frketić born and raised in Zagreb is graduated in chemical technology from FKIT where she received a scholarship from PLIVA where she started working operation in Research and Development. As part of Pliva's training program, Lidija undertook graduate studies in Analytical Chemistry at the same university and later completed her MBA at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. All her career, up to and including now, is based in and around the pharmaceutical industry, from all aspects of research and development through quality control to project management. Lidija left PLIVA and started to set up a brand new facility at a venture capital funded start-up, PharmaS. There she created the quality systems for the laboratory, installation of business processes, hiring her team and equipping laboratories.

Once PharmaS was set up, Lidija left to become the director of Instrumentalija and grew the business by nearly 100% in two years, being listed both years in the Golden Book of the 1% best Managers in Croatia. During maternity leave, an opportunity for a business project with Tradeticity was accepted as the another test of Lidija's leadership skills.

Lidija's charismatic leadership style has been expressed both through formal employment and through her membership of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM.) Lidija held various functions at the national level and three years spent as a member of the European management board.

Now she is a member of the Board of the World Committee, where she is responsible for Governance and Finance aspect of the business.

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